My Project

The process of choosing your topic

I really struggled over the first five weeks on picking a topic, as I wanted to pick a topic in which I was interested in so I could put all my effort into it. After 5 weeks of lectures and from examples provided from both Dr Helena Buffery and Pedro Fernandez, I focused my essay/translation topic on Lionel Messi. Within this topic there was many different aspects to focus on but the one I wanted to focus on was his recent court case on tax evasion Showing how the different newspapers told the story in different ways. Before this there was the idea of the #TodosSomosMessi and its English humorous equivalent #WeAreMessi, which brought a great sense of humour to his criminal activities. Although through my project I moved away from this idea, the #TodosSomosMessi was included in my first article, which was translated to #WeAreAllMessi.

I really found the topic was of great interest to me yet still very cultural. Maybe having such a wide choice for topics made it more difficult, and restricted choices would have aided the ease of choice.

Analysis of the sources used

While I obviously knew basic information behind Leonel Messi tax evasion and football life, I did not know anything substantial that added to my translation. It just aided my interest. I knew of Spanish newspapers such as El Mundo, El Pais and seen images of El Marca before but never had read an in-depth article online and began translating. This really appealed to me.

In class I was given examples of good reliable Spanish newspapers to search such as AS and EL Marca. I carried onto find El Mundo, El Pais and La Vanguardia, with the first two being Madrid based papers and the last being a Barcelona based newspaper, based on the football rivalry between these two cities, I really felt I had a great selection of sources to conduct my project with. Having being very much interested in the 2nd part of the module The Digital Workshops, I really became interested in the #TodosSomosMessi and the tools and resources available to us, that we had learnt in class aiding my project. Such as Twitter, Storify, Wiki, Wiki translation and WordPress. From this interest the article Todos somos Messi was suggested from Dr Helena Buffery which brings in a slightly different point of view.

Although I now had 6 articles in my clasps I needed to narrow them down as the translation exercise consisted of 2,000 words which entailed a combination of approximately 3. I finally focused on my 3 articles:

Todos Somos Messi:

SENTENCIA CASO MESSI Los Messi, condenados a 21 meses de prisión:

La paradoja Messi

From this selection, there is a great variation as I believe the Todos Somos Messi gave a slightly different point of view, which many would have heard of the #TodosSomosMessi but not the reasons behind it. From the selection of the other 2 articles I found the differences between the 2 portraying the same set of events very different. As the Barcelona based newspaper article SENTENCIA CASO MESSI Los Messi, condenados a 21 meses de prisión really wants you to know that the only person who accused the football star was an ex-director of Real Madrid. Towards the end of this article it also includes a paragraph on how Barcelona sympathises with Leo Messi, and his has their full support. This is very different compared to the Madrid based newspapers article La paradoja Messi that airs the question as to not whether Messi should enter jail but as to when should he. This really fits the saying “There are two sides to every story” and these newspapers provide such parts. I really found this a valuable lesson from my selection of sources, as I had never seen such a clear example before.

Discussion of the function of your target text

Although, I am providing a selection of articles I believe the layout of having read the 3 together is best to get the full picture. I believe the articles naturally are of interest to any sport fans, however, I believe the differences shown between the two newspapers provided will be of great interest to any reader. Also, although the articles do include a sports star they are not based on sport activities yet on criminal activities.

The function of my target text is to provide both sides to the story of Leonel Messi and his father Jorge Messi tax evasion, also including the lengths higher authorities will go to try cover things up. The introduction of the campaign #TodosSomosMessi and what it has done for Barcelona F.C. I hope that the articles translated keep the original meaning and are of as much interest to me as others. I really find it a great example of bias in media providers showing two different sides to a story, although still providing a factual event that can be not changed.

Translation strategies used

From class, we were given PowerPoint presentations on Translation, luckily as we have a core hour for Spanish Translation on a Monday I really felt my translation skills were being widely developed. Having this module directly afterwards. The checklist approach was one I found very useful as you could tick things off as you went through them. As translation requires one to complete many steps before they can have a translation there are proud off. This is something I certainly can say takes time.

I began by copying the Spanish articles text into a word document then opened a separate word document. I began by translating it very literal word by word using my own vocabulary learned thought my study of Spanish as well as Once I had completed my first draft of the 3 articles, I was ready to progress to the next stage, doing the 3 articles one after another helped. Even though they had varied vocabulary they included a few words that carried through 2 or more of the articles. This helped my vocab progress rapidly when I found numerous examples of a word/phrase that I did not know the meaning off. The next major step was to revised my first draft and make sure it flowed correctly, being careful not to stray away from its meaning in the original language i.e. Spanish. I found many words that I struggled to translate as there were many legal terms which could not be exactly translated. Finally, I had to restructure my sentences, as many words have different positioning, contrasted between the 2 languages. The use of was very handy to find synonyms of words to avoid the direct translation, yet keep the original meaning, taking into consideration the target language.

The strategies I had learnt in my core Spanish Translation hours lead to a more relaxed and in my view a better approach, which was aided by my ability. I really found both classes complemented each other, as they crossed over in some aspects. Hopefully the vocab I have learnt and skills from this project both in terms of translation and reflecting will progress my language skills overall. Vocab is something that can be continuously improved whether it’s in your own native language or in this case the original language which the translation is taken place from.

Linguistic and cultural issues encountered

Throughout the translation of the 3 articles I found many words that could not just be translated directly. The cultural issues between Spanish and English both in terms of the laws and their articles and in terms of the way monetary values are written. Such as in Spain the € symbol normally follows the number which is the opposite to the Irish system.

Theories and approaches you found useful

The approach I found the best for translation is try, try and try again. As it is a continuous process that sometimes will never be fully completed. One of my Spanish lectures says his translation work is something he keeps coming and going back too. It really is work in progress. A continued pierce of work that can be changed, adapted etc. Leaving the work aside and coming back to it at a later stage, can lead to a more educated mind. Also having a third party look at it is always a good choice.

Use of resources

Although I did not use the resources of Twitter, Storify, Wikipedia and Wiki Translation in this project, I really found the knowledge of these resources I now retain will benefit me hugely in the future. I always had a great interest in technology and social media but never created an account with Wikipedia and used Wiki Translation to translate a wiki page. This is a great resource for non-native language speakers to use their translation skills. The use of WordPress is one that fascinated me. It is in the words of Pedro Fernandez “something you can get addicted to” as you can spend hours upon hours editing and changing all aspects of your website, even adding facilities such as PayPal. One I found quite interesting and believe I will look to explore in the near decent future. I believe the opportunity to access to this facility was a great opportunity for any language student to showcase their language skills especially in translation.

I really wish that this project had a greater weighting in my credits and other modules but I am sure what I have learnt I will use in the future. WordPress is a great resource that I really am excited to get into when I have more free time that I put a lot of work into, as the time was quite restricted, as any module is. As time, really does fly when you’re having fun. A huge aspect I had to restrain myself on was not putting too much time into WordPress as it is not an assignment on your technological ability, rather one on your language skills and writing skills. I hope to add to this project and page, maybe changing the title and making a sport orientated blog or translation of Spanish articles on a regular basis, that are not so common.



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