We are all Messi

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What is the ultimate reason for the obscene profits of famous athletes?

Last July, when the Barcelona Provincial Court condemned football star Leo Messi and his father to 21 months in prison for three tax offenses, the reaction of the Barcelona fans, which was wisely orchestrated by the club’s leaders, was the hashtag that quickly became trending topic on Twitter #TodosSomosLeoMessi.

That is, all defraud the treasury to the most we possibly can. We all stop paying VAT every time we get the chance. We all try to disguise those opportunities that arrive to us – if they arrive – like fallen from the sky.

In logical correspondence, all or a good majority of the Spaniards still vote for the political party that, as Pablo Iglesias said in the frustrated investiture session of Rajoy on August 31, is the very incarnation of corruption or its only consistent electoral rival until recent times, which is not too much behind in the matter.

#TodosSomosMessi, or what is the same, we are all poor types, vassals of hydra advertising

But in the case of sport there are more factors involved. What came to proclaim the authors and disseminators of that hashtag is that there is no sin with the residence able to shoot down an idol so exalted as the Argentine footballer.

A player like Messi, who delights us with his dribbling and his goals on TV screens or in stadiums is beyond good and evil.

In a society, so devoid of ideals that it has reduced its aspirations to acquire the last smartphone that announces the tale, the famous athletes cover a good part of the emptiness that have left other incarnations more precautious of that necessity of transcendence that defines to the humanity.

Now, what is the ultimate reason for these profits of famous athletes that we can call obscene and that lead many of them or those who swarm in their environment to use all kinds of financial engineering?

This reason is perfectly evident that major sporting events and its protagonists have become, in direct relation to the percentage of audience trailing in his television broadcast, advertising media made incalculable.

These days we have attended the protracted negotiations resulting from which the Liga BBVA has been renamed the Liga Santander, and is too recent all the rot revealed in the bosom of FIFA so that we must refer to it. What is the ultimate reason for all this trolling? Simply the advertising profitability of the Spanish football league for a certain bank or the fact that a world football championship – or an Olympic game, if we want to refer to a parallel universe – is held in a certain city.

What about famous sportsmen, introduced – many times without knowing it and, in any case, without their consent – in this game? That, except in cases of sportsmen businessmen any – which also, the advertising dimension that takes their activity often takes them unaware.

It is quite probable that a boy of simple mentality as, per the testimony, seems to be Leo Messi, has not raised anything other than playing football well. But there is their environment – see their father or all the genre of agents eager for opportunities that populate what has ended up being called sports marketing or image cabinets – to squeeze any sportsman who has endowed with a proper name in the media Communication as a lemon is squeezed according to its advertising profitability.

We are all Messi, said the hashtag of the Barça fans. Or what is the same: we are all poor guys, vassals without knowing, in one sense or another, the advertising hydra.